What is a Syndication?

A syndication is a partnership where like-minded investors join together to invest beyond their individual capabilities. The syndication allows them to leverage each other’s resources and strengths (experience and expertise).

Why Real Estate?

Real Estate has created more millionaires in this country than any other asset class. Real Estate Investors can earn money through positive cash flow, appreciation, depreciation, principal reduction and leverage.

Why Multifamily?

There is a huge need.  There is a shortage of quality apartment housing across America.

What is a “sophisticated” investor?

Sophisticated Investors have sufficient investing experience to understand the risks associated with investing.  While they may not be an accredited investor, they can still understand an investment opportunity and associated risks.  Some investments are open to sophisticated and accredited investors.

What is an “accredited” investor?

Some investments are open to ONLY accredited investors.  To be an Accredited Investors, you must earn $200k per year individually, $300k per year jointly with spouse, or have a net worth of over $1,000,000 (not including primary residence).

Do you invest in the property with the investors?

Yes, absolutely, we invest alongside our investors in all of our properties.  This is part of our motto:  “Investing Today, Tomorrow, Together.”

How much is the typical minimum investment?

The typical minimum investment varies, but in most cases, it is between $50,000 to $100,000.

Can I invest through my entity (like an LLC, Corporation, Partnership, etc.)?

Yes, we allow investors to invest through other entities (as long as the individual investors meet the SEC Requirements)

Do you accept foreign investments?

Yes, on a case by case basis, and as long US Securities Law is satisfied.

When do investors get paid?

Most investments pay distributions quarterly (every 3 months), but this can vary based on the scope of the project.  For example, some extensive renovation projects may delay distributions until the renovation phase is complete.  Investors can also get paid after a refinance or disposition (sale) of the investment asset.

How does this affect my personal taxes?

Real Estate is a highly tax-favored asset, offering significant advantages particularly through depreciation.  However, we are not licensed to provide specific legal or tax advice.  Please contact your tax advisor to learn more.  You will receive a K-1 from the partnership every year.

Can I use my 401k or IRA to invest?

Yes.  Again, check with your tax advisor for specifics.  Many investors use Self-Directed IRAs and QRPs to invest.  Some investors are able to convert old 401ks to a Self-Directed IRA or QRP and invest in syndications.

Why invest in a Multifamily Apartment Syndication?

It allows investors to partner, and to aggregate capital and experience.  Syndications enable the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, allowing everyone to win from participating in an investment they could not do individually.